An investment in speech privacy is a smart one

Have you heard….for $2 to $3 /sq. ft. installed you can no longer be heard.


A sound masking system will pay for itself in less than 1 year. In fact, sound masking systems can cost far less than other solutions for absorbing or blocking sound, such as slab-to-slab construction or adding insulation above ceiling tiles.

What is sound masking?

The Payoff…..what will I get for my investment? How about a rapid ROI bolstered by strong  productivity increases.

Productivity increases are proven in workspaces with sound masking systems. Studies show productivity increases of 3 to 20 percent per employee – putting an immediate return on the bottom line. Figure the returns you can realize with sound masking using Lencore’s ROI Calculator.

Why does productivity improve? Because having speech privacy means people can focus on their work. (One study showed that poor acoustics increased errors made by data entry staff by 27 percent).

Preferred by industry professionals and Fortune 500 Companies around the world, Lencore Acoustics Corporation is the leading manufacturer of sound masking and paging systems and complete acoustical solutions.


Measurably better sound quality 
-technically superior & voted most comfortable sound, Lencore systems are chosen as the preferred sound 99% of the time when evaluated side by side with other sound masking systems

-proven performance backed by industry best 10 year full warranty 

Client List
– Executive Office of the President of the United States of America 
-Deloitte & Touche
-Kaiser Permanente 
-General Electric 
-British Petroleum 
-J.P. Morgan
-Coca-Cola Bottling Co
-Internal Revenue Service 
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Choose from a variety of sound masking, paging and music systems and select the system that best suits your project’s unique needs and budget. 

Let us Help 
All we need is an AutoCAD drawing of your space (including the Reflecting Ceiling Plan if possible), your ceiling height, and the approximate square footage of your space and we can provide you with complimentary budget pricing for your project.